I'll help you

provide the best Service

for your clients.

With more than seventeen years of legal experience, I can be the relief and space you need to provide your clients with the service they deserve.  Let me help you keep everything on track and moving forward.

  • I work probate cases from initial analysis through asset distribution, in and out of the courtroom
  • As a case progresses, I identify newly raised issues at regular intervals, vet the applicability of cited case law and ensure the procedural requirements and deadlines are being met
  • For clients who request it, I assist in taking cases from initial research and exploration  all the way through resolution
  • I have a solid reputation for extensively thorough research and have built valuable relationships with law librarians and court clerks to ensure every potential option is considered; when we hit a brick wall, I don't hesitate to call my contacts for guidance.


Freelance Probate and Estate Planning Services